Stock up now so you can get through the Great Waxahachie Toilet Tissue Shortage

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How to stock up on paper products when store shelves are bare

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Reports trickling through social media are true: Waxahachie is going through another toilet tissue shortage.

Anyone who ventures into H.E.B. or Walmart this week is likely to suffer flashbacks to the Great Waxahachie Toilet Tissue Shortage of early 2020 as shelves where paper products should be are as bare as they were in April.

Both toilet tissue and paper towels were affected at the two main outlets for Waxahachie area shoppers in mid-November. H.E.B. had just about a half of a pallet of its store-brand rolls of toilet paper left and several packages of paper towels. Walmart was out of both.

Shelves at Walmart were totally bare of paper products.

It what’s become a sign of the times, notices were taped to H.E.B.’s shelves that displayed restrictions on shoppers from buying more than two packages of any paper product.

Photo of notice at HEB restricting paper products
Notice at H.E.B. restricting paper product purchases.

The shortage comes as people prepare for the predicted second wave of COVID-19 that threatens to disrupt supply chains, close businesses and leave untold numbers of people quarantined at home as they recover from infection.

But as life must go on and toilet tissue is as much of an essential for life as food and shelter, you can’t just make do without, so we’ve put together a quick roundup of the best paper product finds on Amazon so you can get your own personal hoard secured away in a closet ASAP.

Scott Essential Professional Bulk Toilet Paper – 80 rolls

Buying in bulk assures you that you’re both well-stocked and getting the best price. And the 80-roll box of Scott Essential Professional Recycled Fiber Bulk Toilet Tissue from Amazon is a much better deal than what you’ll find at the grocery store.

Tork Bath Tissue 2-Ply – 96 Rolls

Buying in bulk and getting free shipping makes this offer of Tork toilet tissue an easy choice.

Angel Soft Professional Series Premium 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper – 20 rolls

Angel Soft is a name you know, so these rolls of toilet tissue are a safe bet for stocking up for your family.

Georgia Pacific Envision 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper – 80 rolls

With 20% post-consumer recycled paper at its core, Georgie Pacific’s Envision line has always been an eco-friendly toilet tissue that’s also a very good value. Get one of these huge boxes of TP delivered, and you’ll wait out the current shortage without anxiety.

Perfect Stix Paper Towels – 8 rolls

Less essential than toilet tissue, paper towels are nevertheless one of those supplies that when you need it, there’s just about no substitute. Perfect Stix offers everything you expect from a store-brand paper towel but for a price that’s just a little better.

Tork HB9201 Handi-Size Perforated Paper Roll Towel – 30 rolls

Tork paper are sturdy, absorbent and ready to take on your cleaning tasks. Get this 30-roll order underway and you should be able to ride out any paper towel shortage that comes our way.

Brondell Bidet – Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

If you’ve never tried a bidet, you’ve never experienced just how freshly-showered clean you can feel all day long. The Brondell bidet attachment can give you that feeling while curbing your toilet tissue demand.

Easily attached to your toilet and connected to your water supply in less than 30 minutes, the bidet attachment offers a gentle jet from a self-cleaning nozzle. And don’t worry about whether the water is heated or not — it’s surprisingly not an issue.

Oh, and be sure to choose the dual nozzle option for covering the needs of everyone in the house. It offers a front-directed nozzle in addition to a back-directed one.

Note: This post was updated on November 21, 2020 to reflect up-to-date purchasing options as previously listed options became out-of-stock.

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