Top four face masks for children

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BabyGearLab ranks durable and affordable face masks for your kids as Waxahachie ISD requires them for Pre-K and up

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If you’ve got kids in Waxahachie schools who are in grades Pre-K through 3rd, you’ve likely heard that W.I.S.D. will now require them to wear face masks after the Christmas break. The reason is COVID-19 cases have begun to steadily climb among students, and Superintendent Bonnie Cain has called for the added measure to help mitigate the spread.

To help you get ready for the rule and avoid a frantic dash to the store at the last minute, here’s a list of the top four children’s face masks ranked by BabyGearLab, a pediatrician-founded review resource that uses expert opinion and professional testing to determine what the best products are for your young ones.

#1 Maikoa Cartoon Bears Face Mask

Maikoa cartoon bears face masks were found to be a good value for a moldable nose face mask with an activated carbon filter layer and a better fit for smaller faces.

A filter pocket provides extra protection, and the bright colors and cute design make them appealing to the little ones. The masks run on the small side, so they may not be suitable for children who are getting up toward 10 years old.

#2 Crayola Kids Face Mask

Crayola Kids reusable face masks come in a pack of five so you’ll have a fresh one for every day of the week.

With a moldable nose, adjustable ear loops and a filter pocket, these masks are a good value that should help your youngsters meet the new rule with ease.

When it’s time to wash them, just toss them in the included mesh wash bag to protect them in the washing machine and extend their life.

As they are on the small side, they are best for kids under 8 years old.

Note: these come with a strong just-made smell, so you’ll need to wash them before your kids will want to wear them.

For small children, the Crayola Kids Face mask 5-pack is a comfortable, budget friendly option.

#3 Cartoon Anti-Dust Face Masks

These cartoon anti-dust face masks with a removable valve and 10 included active carbon filters are suited for children 3 – 10 years old.

With the active carbon layer, this face mask has several layers of thickness for increased protection. Testers found this mask to be comfortable, which means less fiddling with it or temptation to take it off. Testers also found it to have better conform-fitting qualities than other masks.

#4 Genovega Neck Gaiter

According to W.I.S.D., face shields, buffs and bandanas are all suitable for meeting the face covering requirement “as long as the mouth and nose area are covered.” So, for kids who just can’t stand wearing a mask with ear loops, the Genovega Neck Gaiter is top choice.

The stretchy fabric of the gaiter is comfortable — or about as comfortable as a face covering can be. Some kids feel a little claustrophobic from being wrapped around the neck and back of the head, but other kids appreciate the fact that it doesn’t tug on the ears and it looks more like a bandana than a face mask.

Also, this gaiter has a filter for the mouth and and nose, and it conforms more to the face, offering better protection than most gaiters. But, the filter was found to be a little stiff, so your child may end up leaving it out and just going without the added filter — which is certainly acceptable.

With a moisture wicking fabric that stays cooler during physical activity, the Genovega Neck Gaiter is a comfortable option, especially for highly active children.

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