RECALL: H.E.B. Texas Pets Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food

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The F.D.A. has issued a notice that H.E.B. Texas Pets Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food may sicken your cat.

T.F.P. Nutrition, makers of H.E.B. Texas Pets Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food, announced on December 16, 2022 that 16-pound bags of the cat food sold through H.E.B. may be contaminated with salmonella.

H.E.B. Texas Pets Indoor Cat Food Recall 12-26-22
Do not feed your cat Texas Pets Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food affected by a voluntary recall.

Salmonella poses a risk to both animals eating the product and humans handling it.

The potential contamination was detected before any cats or people have been reported as ill.

Signs that your cat may have become infected with salmonella:

  • diarrhea or bloody diarrhea
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • decreased appetite
  • fever
  • abdominal pain

If your cat may have ingested the recalled product, see a veterinarian for evaluation. If your cat is showing signs of salmonella poisoning, visit a nearby emergency animal hospital if you cannot see your usual vet.

The recalled cat food was only distributed through H.E.B. in Texas. T.F.P. Nutrition is offering replacement products or refunds. Call toll-free call at 1-800-560-9197, Monday through Sunday, 8 am – 5pm CST or visit for more information.


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