Rental assistance is available for Waxahachie area renters

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Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs offers rental assistance to Waxahachie tenants and landlords affected by COVID-19 downturn.

If you live in Waxahachie and have gotten behind on your rent because of the COVID-19 economic downturn, or if you’re a landlord with tenants who’ve accumulated a hefty bill for back rent, there may be help.

Starting February 15, 2021, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is offering financial relief for tenants and landlords in Waxahachie and throughout Ellis County who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through its Texas Rent Relief program, the department will distribute the $1.3 billion it’s received from the Federal government’s Emergency Rental Relief bill to eligible applicants to help with expenses related to rent and utilities.

Funds may be used to assist with the following costs incurred since March 13, 2020:

  • Past due, current and up to three months of expected rent costs
  • Past due, current or up to three months of expected utility and home energy expenses
  • After the initial three months of forward assistance, applicants can apply for three additional months of assistance if funds are still available

Eligibility for tenants

To be elibible for funds, tenants must meet the following requirements:

  • Households must have income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), as defined by TDHCA.
  • AND one or more of the tenant household members have:
    • Qualified for unemployment benefits; OR
    • Attest in writing that due to or during the pandemic, they:
      • Experienced a reduction in household income,
      • Incurred significant costs, or
      • Experienced financial hardship
  • AND Households must also demonstrate they:
    • Are at risk of homelessness or housing instability by providing an eviction notice or past-due utility or rent notice; OR
    • Live in unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions
  • The unit applicants are renting must be their primary residence and be located within the State of Texas.
  • Any unpaid rent or utility bills applicants may apply for can go no further back than March 13, 2020.

Applications will be reviewed starting February 28, 2021 with priority given to applicants with the greatest need. A portion of the funds has already been allocated for eviction diversion for tenants who’ve already been sued by their landlords for eviction.

Landlord participation

Landlords with tenants who’ve gotten behind on their rent may also apply for funds on behalf of their tenants. Landlords may apply for the program through the landlord application.

Applicants may apply for the funds starting February 15, 2021 at .


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