Buc-ee’s spokesperson gives the straight dope on Waxahachie location

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The property has been bought — now what?

Since corporate management began looking into the feasibility of opening a Buc-ee’s on the north end of town along I-35 E over two years ago, devotees of the famed gas station/convenience store/travel stop have wondered one thing: when will it finally open?

The chain, which touts its accomplishments for holding the world record for having the longest car wash and being largest convenience store, has spread out throughout the country since its opening in 1982 and become a familiar sight to travellers drawn to its wide selection of snacks, tasty barbecue and clean restrooms.

When the chain purchased land at the southwest corner of I-35E and Butcher Road just across from QuickTrip over a year ago, Waxahachie area fans thought they’d be pouring into Buc-ee’s doors in a matter of months, but company spokesperson Jeff Nadalo says that’s not going tp be happening anytime soon.

“We don’t currently have anything that is on our schedule for immediate construction,” Nadalo says.

Photo of two men holding Buc-ee's stuffed beavers
Buc-ee’s is known for its fun atmosphere and campy beaver mascot.

Nadalo says the company is continuing to explore the feasibility of the new location, but couldn’t say if a next step was on the company’s agenda.

At about the same time that a Waxahachie location was being discussed before the city council, the company was also proposing a location in Ennis, which is now open and serving customers. As to why Ennis’s project proceeded and Waxahachie’s did not, Nadalo says that everything in Ennis simply fell into place better.

“All of the road improvements, the site improvements, all of the logistics of the project in Ennis were already completed or required minimal completion,” he says. “There were a number of logistical issues that made the project seamless.”

Photo of Buc-ee's sign being lifted by crane
The Buc-ee’s location in Ennis is open for business.

Nadalo says he understands why Waxahachie area residents were looking forward to a Buc-ee’s being built nearby.

“Buc-ee’s has fantastic barbecue, great service, wonderful pastries — we have a huge selection of private label branded products, food items. We have impeccably clean restrooms. And I think that people look forward to making Buc-ee’s, one of their destinations on their on their road trips,” he says.

But when pressed for anything that could reveal when the company may make its next move, “we don’t have anything that we can report at this time as far as construction plans,” he says.

If you’d like to show your support for a Waxahachie Buc-ee’s and urge Buc-ee’s corporate management to move forward with plans for a location at Butcher Road and I-35E, e-sign our petition.


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  1. You have until Feburary 2028 to get it finished as I plan to apply for a job after I retire! Welcome to Bucees! I have been practicing.

  2. Having Bucees in Waxahachie would be a great value to the town! There are so many travelers that travel I-35. Plus the town needs new and better things as it grows!

  3. Waxahachie needs a Buc-EEs. Where else can you have such good pulled pork sandwiches, home decor which I love.

  4. Waxahachie needs a. Buc EEs. We don’t have one close. There pork sandwiches are so good. I love all there home decor and etc. I have only been to one twice. So please open one up here. We would love it

  5. Waxahachie has all sorts of festivals mostly year round. They even have the Renaissance Faire which is always a big thing for the town. Adding a Buc-ee’s to Waxahachie will also generate money and will have more tourists and drivers than Ennis location.

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