Waxahachie ISD seeks substitute teachers

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School district faces shortage of subs

For a job that requires some college under your belt, the pay is atrocious and there are no benefits to speak of, but becoming a substitute teacher for Waxahachie I.S.D. may be just the kind of rewarding career move you’re looking for.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the district announced through social media that it has openings for an indefinite number of substitute teachers.


The qualifications to be a sub are easy to meet, and the pay is perhaps best described as being devised to attract applicants who are not in it for the money.

The requirements:

To become a substitute teacher, applicants must have completed at least 15 hours of college coursework and pass a background check.

Texas law requires all subs to have a fingerprint on file, and applicants are on the hook for that expense.

The pay:

Pay for being a sub is broken down by whether you’re a certified teacher or not.

Certified teachers are paid $85 per day for assignments of 1 – 9 days, or roughly $10.63 per hour. For assignments that last 10 days or more, that pay rises to $150 per day, which is a far more living-wage of $18.75 per hour.

Non-certified subs are paid $70 per day, which is a mere $8.75 per hour for assignments of 1 – 9 days, and $95 per day, or $11.75 per hour, for assignments of 10 or more days.

Steps to become a sub

To become a substitute teacher for WISD:

  • Apply online at this link.
  • Wait for an email confirming that you should fill out additional paperwork.
  • Sign up for a new hire instructional session.
  • Get fingerprinted.
  • Complete a Safe Schools online training session.

You’ll also need to get your college transcripts in the process of being sent. Certified teachers will need to have a copy of the proof of certification, too.

As to how many subs are needed, W.I.S.D. spokesperson Jenny Bridges says the district doesn’t have a set number in mind but is simply needing to add more subs to the rotation of those who can be called on, sometimes at a moment’s notice. She says the right applicant is motivated by a drive to shape the lives of the next generation for the better.

“Being a substitute teacher in Waxahachie ISD is extremely rewarding,” Bridges says. “A great sub can make an impact in a classroom or on a campus, and they have the opportunity to work with the amazing students we have in the district.”


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