Texas Country Reporter Festival in Waxahachie is on for 2021

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The 25th annual TCR Festival is set for October 23, 2021 in Waxahachie, Texas.

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After last year’s hiatus, the Texas Country Reporter Festival is back on for 2021, marking its 25th year of bringing together local talent, handcrafted goods and plenty to eat and drink at the historic Downtown Waxahachie square.

Organizers are expecting the 2021 TCR Festival to be the biggest ever, with food trucks, a craft fair and family activities in addition to 50 planned surprises to mark the 50 years that Texas Country Reporter host Bob Phillips has travelled the back roads and main thoroughfares of Texas to bring fans of the TV show details on travel destinations, uplifting stories, and profiles of down-home Texans.

Photo of Kelli and Bob Phillips of Texas Country Reporter
Kelli and Bob Phillips of Texas Country Reporter.

“And this festival is your chance to shop and talk with hundreds of those people – all in one place, on one day,” says Phillips. “So please join me, Kelli, and our entire TCR TV crew for a day of arts and crafts, food, live music, family activities, and season 50 surprises.”

Special music guest on the main stage this year is Little Texas, a CMA award-winning Young Country band that’s been playing to loyal fans since the early ’90s. Throughout the day at Railyard Park, Go Texan presents on the Grown Local stage a variety of live music from Ellis County area bands in a lineup chosen over the summer by TCR Festival fans.

The day’s activities will begin around 10:00 a.m. and continue until the evening.

Fans of Texas music enjoy live performances by homegrown talent at the Texas Country Reporter Festival.

The festival first came to Waxahachie in the mid-1990s and has returned every year except for 2020 when organizers cancelled the event out of health concerns. Festival organizers bill the event as the biggest one-day festival in Texas.

Texas Country Reporter began as 4 Country Reporter and debuted in 1972 on Dallas television station KDFW. Phillips chronicles his 50 years of hosting the show in his memoir, A Good Long Drive.

Map of the TCR Festival.

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12 thoughts on “Texas Country Reporter Festival in Waxahachie is on for 2021”

  1. Will proof of vaccination be required or a 24 to 48 hour negative test be required, if not will this possibly be a super spreader event. I currently have hotel reservations but these are valid concerns.

    • Let’s tell the whole story. You are correct, the vaccination does not eliminate the possibility of contracting the virus. It does however provide a 99% elimination of having to be admitted to the hospital or become intubated. Unlike someone who ISN’T vaccinated. They risk a high probability of being hospitalized, intubated, and/or die.

      So, yes, even though I am vaccinated, I can carry the virus and spread to other unvaccinated like you. And if you’re lucky, you won’t die. Judging from the people who have spoken out on their death beds who WISHED they had been vaccinated, you might be in that category.

  2. Looking forward to the 2021 TCR Festival. FREE is always great for a festival!
    Use ur common sense when deciding whether or not to go.
    1. It’s outdoors;
    2. If you are concerned then wear a mask that covers ur nose AND mouth;
    3. Stay safe. Bring ur own hand sanitizer and backup masks;
    4. If ur still concerned it may be a super spreader then just don’t go. The rest of us will go, mask or not, and we will have fun!
    5. No reason to be hateful on this forum. People have legitimate concerns when it comes to Covid safety rules. Personally I don’t trust ANYONE else when it comes to MY safety so I do what makes me feel safe.
    6. God bless you and be safe out there everyone! Cya at the festival!

  3. We go to this every year…I hope people go..enjoy the great weather…have some fried pies ..shop..enjoy the day..and I hope we see hardly any masks…if ur scared of covid stay in ur house…but if u want to have a great time n remember what ” normal ” feels like…go to the festival.

  4. Loved the event and everyone was so friendly! I missed out on purchasing the TCR 2021 event T-shirt (sold out). Will we be able to order one online?

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