SPCA of Texas hopes to reunite lost dogs with their families

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If you’ve lost a dog or cat in Ellis County, there’s a resource for you.

Sooner or later, it happens to just about everyone — your dog jumps over the fence or your cat slips past the door and never comes home.

Seeking to turn your chances of reunification from bleak to just a little bit better, the SPCA of Texas has launched a web page that displays the intakes at the former Ellis County SPCA that the Dallas-based organization recently took over.

The page offers advice on your search, such as a reminder to check with the municipal shelter near you, and offers information on animals they’ve receives from the Ellis County Sheriff’s office.

All pets listed on the page will be kept for 72 hours before being evaluated for their suitability for placement in a new home. There’s a $50 charge to claim your lost pet, and all animals leaving the shelter are required to be microchipped to make it easier to find their keepers if they ever get lost again.

Unlike the Ellis County SPCA that was an independent organization unaffiliated with any other SPCA, the SPCA of Texas does not routinely euthanize animals to make room for new intakes.


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  1. We heartedly support this new arrangement!!
    Thank you to all for all you are doing to improve the lives of our animals and their owners! ❤️

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