Low-cost pet vaccination clinics helping Waxahachie pets stay healthy

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Vaccinating your dog or cat is cheaper if you head to these parking lots.

Maybe you love your dog or cat and want to give them a long and happy life, or maybe you just want to make sure that that old scrapper who wandered up and that you’ve been feeding out of pity doesn’t bring anything nasty into the family.

Either way, you need to get your dogs and cats vaccinated, and to make that task as inexpensive and convenient as possible, Waxahachie has a couple of weekend low-cost pet vaccination clinics that can see you without an appointment while sparing you the cost of an in-office visit. To find them, you need to head out to these parking lots.

Penny Paws

Each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the parking lot next to Pollo Regio, 1102 Ferris Avenue in Waxahachie [map].

Phone: 817-993-1234
Website: https://pennypaws.com/

Penny Paws offers wellness checkups, low-cost vaccinations, flea treatment, deworming services and heartworm testing and prevention for dogs and cats throughout their life stages.

The mobile clinic sets up each Saturday at the Pollo Regio parking lot in Waxahachie, next to Sonic.

Lines can be long, but the clinic offers a Pronto Paws Pass for anyone who wants to skip the line by calling on weekdays and reserving a spot in advance.

The Cost

Vaccinations may be purchased individually, and rabies shots are $15 each for dogs or cats. For a more comprehensive safeguard, the clinic recommends a broad vaccination package.

Penny Paws prices its vaccinations on a per-visit basis, so if booster shots are needed after the first visit, you may want to ask for the full schedule and pricing for all shots.

Package Costs:

Puppies: start at $38

Kittens: start at $31.

Adult dogs: $79 covers annual core vaccines and a heartworm test.

Adult cat: $61 covers annual core vaccinations.

Other services available include microchipping for $40; deworming for $10; toenail trimming for $15, among others.

Pet Shots for Less

Every fourth Saturday of the month, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the parking lot of the Waxahachie location of Atwood’s Farm and Ranch [map].

Phone: 817-790-0967
Website: http://www.petshotsforless.com/

Pet Shots for Less, operated by a clinic in Alvarado, sets up a low-cost pet vaccination clinic in the parking lot of Atwood’s Farm and Ranch only once a month on the fourth Saturday of the month.

The clinic’s website says the low-cost vaccination events are not intended to replace more comprehensive vet visits, “but to provide your pet with their annually needed vaccinations and parasite testing at a discounted price.”

The Cost

Pet Shots for less offers individual vaccines and other services, such as rabies vaccination for dogs and cats at $11 each; microchipping for $35; and deworming for $15 each for dogs or cats.

Pet Shots for Less prices its packages to be inclusive of all follow-up boosters, if needed, so their price may seem higher than other providers but may not be once all the boosters are added up.

Package Costs:
Puppies: $199: (Done Over 3 visits), Rabies, 3 DHP/Ps, 2 Bordetellas, 2 dewormings, fecal check, and 2 Leptos (if needed)

Kittens: $149: Rabies, 3 FVRCPs, 2 Leukemias, 2 dewormings, fecal check

Adult dogs: $89

Adult cats: $49

Why you need to vaccinate your pets

When your furry friends are happy and healthy, it’s easy to forget that they need routine vaccinations. Rhoda Hernandez, the Dallas-area operations manager Penny Paws, says first, rabies vaccines are required by law, and moreover, vaccinations and heartworm preventatives can spare you an huge cost in the future.

“Vaccinations are important for all life stages for your puppy or kitten or adult dog or cat because they keep them healthy and prolong their lives,” she says regarding what Penny Paws offers. “And you can spend $26 for a six-pack of heartworm prevention instead of $800 per injection per visit to treat heartworms.”


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