Waxahachie COVID-19 cases up 150% in two days

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Locking down exact COVID-19 statistics proves elusive as active case numbers surge in the city

Just two days after the Ellis County COVID-19 dashboard seemed to indicate a decline in active COVID-19 cases in Waxahachie, an update posted at 9:30 a.m. on December 17, 2020 shows that the city is far from getting a grip on the spread of infection.

According to the numbers, active COVID-19 cases in Waxahachie shot up from 86 two days ago to 214 just 48 hours later, an almost 150% increase that indicates either an actual surge in the spread of the novel coronavirus or perhaps a more accurate tabulation of positive test results that have just come in from the lab.

Countywide, reported cases rose from 295 to 652 during the same time span, a 120% increase.

Waxahachie leads in active cases among Ellis County cities with Ennis reporting 115 active cases and Midlothian 109.

Despite the sharp increase, another of the locally-available ICU beds became available. As of the time the information was posted, only 16 of the 18 ICU beds were occupied. 75% of the beds occupied were COVID-19 cases.

Of 235 total hospital beds available in the area, 86% are occupied, leaving just 33 beds open.

The COVID-19-related death toll also rose from 58 to 61 in Waxahachie during the two days between the posted statistics. Countywide, deaths now number 139.

The City of Waxahachie reinstated restrictions on local restaurants and non-exempt businesses earlier this month as case numbers rise.

Additionally, Waxahachie I.S.D. will soon require face masks for Pre-K – 3rd grade, grades formerly exempt from face mask requirements, as a 187% increase in cases among students occurred over a three-week period starting November 20.

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