Waxahachie 101 will teach you about city government

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The City of Waxahachie is offering a 9-month teaching program on city government and departments.

If you’ve ever found that your knowledge of who does what in Waxahachie city government is a little lacking, or you’d like to learn about how the city functions, now’s your chance.

Starting in September 2021 and running through May 2022, Waxahachie 101 is a program being offered by the city to teach up to 25 participants everything that needs to be known about Waxahachie, its political structure, demographics, finances, emergency management, planning and zoning procedures, pothole fixing, parks maintenance and a whole slew of other topics.

waxahachie city hall
Waxahachie 101 is a program to learn everything you want to know about the city and its government.

Meeting on the first Thursday of each month at various locations, the classes will start at 8:30 a.m., with a graduation during the final May session.

The program was started in 2009 with the purpose of helping residents better understand the roles and responsibilities of the city council and city staff and of the departments, programs and activities that the city operates. Participants will gain a general overview of city operations by visiting a different city department each session.

Registration begins August 1, 2021 and is open to Ellis County residents who are 18 years old and older who can attend the sessions regularly. The program will accept the first 25 qualified registrants on a first come, first served basis.

For more information and to sign up, contact Amy Borders:
Email: aborders@waxahachie.com
Phone: 469-309-4012

You may also register in person at City Hall, 401 South Rogers Street, Waxahachie, Texas 75165.

The schedule for the program is:

Session 1:

Council Conference Room


Brief history of Waxahachie


Demographics of City


City Departments


Overview of Government Organization


City Secretary


Communications and Marketing


Information Technology Services


Session 2:

Council Conference Room




Utility Billing




Human Resources/Civil Service




Session 3:

Fire Station 2


Police Programs and Operations


Emergency Management


Municipal Court


City Marshal


Animal Control


Fire Programs, EMS and Operations


Session 4:

Council Conference Room


Planning and Zoning


Building Permitting and Inspections


Health Inspections / Code Enforcement




Session 5

MidWay Airport


Economic Development


Historic Preservation/Downtown Development


Mid-Way Airport


Session 6:

Senior Center


Sports Complex


Parks, Pools and other Facilities


Civic Center


Senior Center


Convention and Visitors Bureau


Session 7:

Street Department Office


Street Maintenance


Community Services




Water Distribution and Collections


Session 8:

Water Treatment Plant


Water Production




Sokoll Plant


Session 9:

Council Conference Room




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